A career in real estate will afford you the freedom and exibility not commonly found in most careers. You are rewarded in direct proportion to your efforts, and the rewards are unlimited in terms of job satisfaction and monetary success. Becoming a full-time real estate agent is a big commitment, but it can come with big rewards. 


Some people get their real estate license and just want to sell on a part-time basis. Starting as a part-time agent can be more difficult, as some buyers and sellers only want to work with a full-time agent.


However, there are some very successful agents who got their start selling real estate on a part-time basis. 

Have a real estate license, but not sell: 

If you enjoy your current career and only want to get a real estate license for your own personal use and knowledge, there is a way to keep your license active without actually selling real estate.

Many companies have a referral division which will allow you to earn commissions without incurring most of the industry’s costs. When you come in contact with someone who wants to buy or sell property, you contact the referral company, and the lead will be given to an active real estate agent.


When the transaction closes, you will be paid a referral fee. This is a great way to earn extra income without actively selling. 

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