It is important to know exactly how much of an investment you'll need to launch your new career. The expenses should be completely covered in your interview, but here is a basic list of what to expect as an independent contractor:

  • Board of REALTORS® Dues (Yearly)

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance (Yearly)

  • Multi-List Fees (Monthly)

  • Continuing Education (Every 3 Years)


  • Insurance (Health, Disability and Auto)

  • Taxes

  • Personal Promotion and Marketing Postage

  • Cell Phone

  • Business supplies such as a computer and/or laptop, a camera, tape measure, real estate calculator, and a briefcase.


Be sure that the company you associate with explains exactly what they provide versus what will be your own expense. This list varies greatly throughout the industry.


It is a good idea to have several months worth of income reserved because, as an independent contractor, you will earn income on a straight commission.


This means you will not receive any commission until a transaction closes, and it can take a few months to start seeing an income. 

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